Introduction Last updated: 2021-08-28

AUA ( Asp.Net Unique Architecture ) is a ready-to-use framework for ASP.NET Core with repositories, services, models mapping, user access, reporting , exception handling, webAip and mvc ,... Using the AUA framework, you can easily have better, faster, and more orderly and focused coding. This framework is based on new and up-to-date concepts, structures and architectures, including: Clean Architecture, Clean Code, Domain-driven design (DDD), Lmax Architecture , SOLID Principle, Code Refactoring, GRASP (object-oriented design principle). Using the AUA ( Asp.Net Unique Architecture ) framework, you can easily have better, faster, and more orderly and focused coding.

Software projects require constant changes and updates. AUA is a simple, lightweight framework for producing projects of any size (small and large). If the structure develops in the wrong way, it will prevent changes and extensions, and most of the time will lead to task duplication or rewriting of the project from scratch. To get rid of the complexity and task duplication that most programmers and developers face, which is also caused by the inconsistency of code at different levels of the program, we need a simple consistent structure for writing software projects so that we can hide some of the complexity and focus on business of the task. For example, the Bootstrap framework is a very useful framework for Front End, but few people would prefer to use frameworks like Bootstrap for design, and write all of their design with CSS from the beginning. For the Back End section, however, a simple, general-purpose framework can save time and cost and produce high-quality code and a uniform architecture. This framework allows developers to develop their projects based on an appropriate integrated pattern. The framework must be flexible enough to allow the programmer to apply any changes needed, relying on its robust structure. Why Framework?

One of the problems of software companies is the lack of the right structure for developing their projects. As a result, they have often produced such complex and nested codes that creating changes in one part of the project severely affects or disrupts other parts. Therefore, lack of the right structure for development makes it impossible to update the previous code and reduces the efficiency of the team to almost zero. The reason for this is the difference in coding and lack of structure and architecture. The development team must first agree on a set of rules and structures. Architectural patterns are not the result of a programmer's experiences; they have resulted from the experiences of hundreds of programmers and design professionals over years. These frameworks are not innovations or inventions, but are feedbacks on redesign and recoding that programmers have been involved with in order to achieve the highest levels of flexibility, extensibility and reusability. Their use makes the produced codes more simple, flexible and extensible. The use of a framework can help us save time and cost and make it easier to document and maintain the system.

Introduction the AUA in youtube More videos

Introduction the AUA in youtube More videos

Minimum benefits of using the AUA framework

• Reducing the software development costs,
• Saving time,
• Convenient maintenance,
• Quality product,

Features of AUA Framework

• Service architecture infrastructure based on up-to-date architectures,
• Reporting infrastructure,
• Infrastructure working with views, procedures and tables,
• Encryption algorithms and security considerations,
• Advanced modeling and mapping to capture complex reports and queries,
• User access control level,
• Layering and categorizing services,
• Infrastructure for calling external services,
• Writing infrastructure for simple and complex operations on entities and models,
• Infrastructure for caching data(In-Memory),
• The team is not involved in the infrastructure, thus minimizing mistakes and errors,
• Having a naming pattern for all concepts,
• Possibility of developing the software in a simple and fast way,
• Saving time,
• The modules and classes in the framework make the process of software development and creation much easier. These modules are already tested and work perfectly,
• Reducing the software development costs,
• Using the functions and methods in the framework, we can ensure that we have used standard and normal codes,
• The features that the framework provides for you make you needless to have great deal of information on software development,
• No need to write a proprietary framework,
• Attracting programmers for faster development and collaboration (project codes can easily be understood by tutorial videos),
• Finding and removing errors (especially security errors) much faster by the development team,
• Existence of many packages and extensions for the framework,
• Cleaner codes and higher readability,
• Using the framework increases the programmer's knowledge because the frameworks have been written by the best programmers and seeing clean and professional code gives a good view to the programmer.
We have used the AUA framework in various architectures such as Micro service - CQRS - and obtained good results. The AUA framework is based on the MVC Core, the .Net Framework version of which is also available.