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AUA ( Asp.Net Unique Architecture ) is a ready-to-use template for ASP.NET Core with repositories, services, models mapping, user access, reporting , exception handling, webAip and mvc ,... . AUA framework is based on new and up-to-date concepts, structures and architectures, including: Clean Architecture, Clean Code, Domain-driven design (DDD), Lmax Architecture , SOLID Principle,Code Refactoring, GRASP (object-oriented design principle). AUA is a open source web application framework for Core .NET 6.0 visual studio 2020. Using the AUA framework, you can easily have better, faster, and more orderly and focused coding.

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Well Design

Clean Architecture, Clean Code, Code Refactoring, Domain-driven design (DDD)


Use the latest methodology and tools to speed up and produce modern web applications.


Quick and satisfactory way of producing a database-driven web application.



Software projects require constant changes and updates. If the structure develops in the wrong way, it will prevent changes and extensions, and most of the time will lead to task duplication or rewriting of the project from scratch. To get rid of the complexity and task duplication that most programmers and developers face, which is also caused by the inconsistency of code at different... It is also full of different design patterns, thus a great source for software architects and developers. (.NET 6.0 Visual Studio 2020)

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